“Creating leadership pipeline for NGOs difficult”

Forbes India posted the above titled article, part of which follows:

“The Bridgespan Group surveyed approximately 250 leaders from Indian NGOs and the Indian offices of international NGOs, to look into NGOs’ efforts to strengthen their leaders’ skill sets and build their leadership bench.”

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“Many NGO workers on the ground don’t speak the local language – new research”

The Conversation posted the above titled article, which follows:

“After the Oxfam sexual exploitation scandal in Haiti hit the headlines earlier this year, 22 aid agencies published an open letter declaring that they would “take every step to right our wrongs and eradicate abuse in our industry”. They made a commitment to ‘listen and take action’.

There is nothing new about NGOs claiming that they ‘listen’ to communities and act on their feedback. A cursory glance at NGO publicity materials reveals that they typically claim that they empower communities by listening and involving them in decisions about aid projects.


“In defense of NGOs, incubators of future leaders”

The Daily Maverick recently posted the following article:

NGOs attract skilled individuals committed to progressive causes at great personal sacrifice. Furthermore, NGOs serve to incubate future leaders… In our broken, grotesquely unequal and multiply wounded society these NGOs have been the glue that enormously contributes to our society’s continued integrity and survival, and provide much needed hope.

The NGO sector has recently been on the receiving end of an itinerant lynch mob of virtue-signalling competitors in what seems an orgy of schadenfreude.

In contrast NGOs and specific individuals are hamstrung in defence because any response would be conflated with toleration of isolated and indefensible occurrences at a few NGOs.