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NGO Advisor announces the Top 500 NGOs WORLD 2017

NGO Advisor published an article announcing “Top 500 NGOs WORLD 2017.” The article reads as follows;

“The fifth edition of the Top 500 NGOs World was published December, 12 2016. Known as the Ivy League of the nonprofit world, the Top 500 ranks NGOs in order to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the sector. The NGOs in this year’s ranking are more influential, more powerful, and more innovative than ever before. With 32 new entrants to the list, and thus 32 NGOs leaving the list, this edition reflects the broader evolution of the nonprofit sector as well as the issues faced by global civil society from the local level to the transnational level.


Facebook to enable NGOs to raise funds through its platform

RTE published an article titled, “Facebook to enable NGOs to raise funds through its platform.” The article reads as follows;

“Facebook is introducing new tools to enable non-profit organisations to raise funding through its platform.

The new system will be launched in Ireland, as well as four other European countries initially beginning at the end of September.

It will then be rolled out to a further 11 European countries in early October.

It is already up and running in the US where Facebook says it has been used to raise millions of dollars for charities.


MEPs hear NGOs on Brexit rights

EuroNews published an article and video titled, “MEPs hear NGOs on Brexit rights.” The article reads as follows;

“Brexit negotiations are supposed to be stepped up soon but a small number of ‘Remainers’ from ‘EUnites March for Europe’ were in Brussels on Tuesday, campaigning to keep the UK inside the EU.

Meanwhile, at the European Parliament, NGOs and immigration experts presented the concerns of the most affected citizens (the 3,2 million EU citizens in the UK and 1,2 million UK citizens in EU), namely rise in reports of discriminatory practices by entities such as job recruiting agencies, banks and landlords.