New system for NGOs launched

RIYADH – Minister of Social Affairs Majed Al-Qasabi formally launched the new system for nongovernment organizations, societies and institutions on Sunday, the Saudi Press Agency reported. It said the executive bylaw for the new system came into force.

This coincides with the beginning of the project for reviewing data of the nonprofit sector and the system for evaluation of performance by the nongovernmental organizations.

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Do international NGOs still have the right to exist?

by Deborah Doane

It’s highly unlikely that corporate bosses regularly ask themselves if their businesses have a right to exist. Their goal is to sell stuff and make a profit. But if your goal is to alleviate poverty and human suffering – in the face of statistics showing mixed outcomes – is this, in fact, the most important question an International NGO can ask of themselves?

At the BOND conference last week, in a session entitled How can INGOs survive the future, Penny Lawrence, the deputy CEO of Oxfam stated bluntly: “we need to earn the right to survive the future.” It is like the sector’s very own Damascene moment.