China draft law lets foreign NGOs open offices with government OK


The Chinese legislature has amended a draft law on international non-governmental organizations to give them special permission to set up branches in China, after an earlier draft sparked concerns of a crackdown.

The ruling Communist Party views NGOs, especially from abroad, with suspicion. Rights activists say the new law is part of a broader trend under President Xi Jinping’s administration to rein in dissent.

The draft was altered after “some localities and departments” pushed for change, noting there were already important science and technology-related international NGOs operating in China, the website of the National People’s Congress said.


NGOs in China fear clampdown as Xi Jinping plans new security controls

Proposed new law could lead to harassment and arrest of local workers, restrictions or expulsion for foreigners, and funding difficulties

By Simon Denyer for the Washington Post

The Guardian

China’s state security apparatus has turned its sights on foreign NGOs and their domestic partners, which are bracing for a crackdown.

A new law emanating from President Xi Jinping’s national security commission that would regulate overseas NGOs has raised alarm among people working in China to fight discrimination, improve health and education, or stick up for workers’ rights.


CAG for social audits of NGOs, rural bodies

By Neeraj Chauhan

The Times of India

Comptroller and auditor general Shashi Kant Sharma has instructed all auditors general in states to institutionalize social audits and collect district level data on various social sector schemes. He has also asked them to synergize the social audits with the CAG’s performance audit on government schemes which incur an expenditure of lakhs of crores every year.

These social audits would primarily be on implementing agencies — NGOs and panchayat-level bodies — which are directly funded by the Centre but are not subject to checks by the government auditor.


Cambodia to pass bill governing NGOs: PM


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Sunday that his government will pass a law governing the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations by May.

“It is necessary to make the law on Non-Governmental Organizations (and Associations). Without it, the government does not know the sources of funding where those NGOs are getting from, ” he said during a visit to dumb, deaf and blind children at an organization.

“The government will approve the draft law by May, and then send it to the National Assembly for adoption,” he said, adding that the adoption of the law will need a 50 percent plus one majority vote, or 63 votes only, in the National Assembly.


Italy’s Ban of Oil Exploration: A Machiavellian Approach to Dethrone da Vinci

Divieto d’Italia su Oil Exploraton : A Scheme Machiavellico per detronizzare da Vinci

Whilst the objective of the larger legislative package concerned with a wide range of  environmental issues may be sound, the idea of including a provision which  classifies  seismic exploration for oil as an eco-crime is beyond the realm of belief.

Such an action is not only a security threat to Italy but denigrates the centuries of advances made by Italian scientists.

Seismic exploration of for oil and gas has been conducted for years and been scientifically proven to cause no harm there is no need for additional regulation  beyond the existing regulatory regimes in a wide range of countries.