Competitors have Europe’s oil refineries over a barrel with collapse in demand (Irish Independent)

From: Irish Independent

After a year of respite from bankruptcies, protests and closures, Europe’s oil refining industry is cracking again under the pressure of ferocious global competition and shrinking domestic demand.

Here in Ireland the future of Whitegate Refinery hangs in the balance. Elsewhere, it is a similar picture.

The decision this month to shut a small refinery in northern Italy and the possible closure of a major plant in Scotland signal that a new wave of closures in the sector is coming – even faster than the industry had expected.


In Brazil, the wind is blowing in a new era of renewable energy (Washington Post)

From: Washington Post

CAETITE, BRAZIL — With its abundant dams and rivers that carry more fresh water than any other country, Brazil — big and bountiful — essentially runs on hydropower. But it turns out that the country can also count on a good strong breeze.

Wind is emerging as a prize for energy planners here who see the howling gusts that arrive from the east as a way to offset the fresh limits imposed on hydropower.