Russian scientific expedition to monitor endangered gray whales off Sakhalin Island

From: NZWeek

A group of scientists from the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) left here for Sakhalin coasts on Thursday to monitor an endangered population of gray whales listed in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species.

According to the scientists, every summer 120 to 140 gray whales come to the Sea of Okhotsk for feeding. They have been studying western gray whales for years.

This year, the scientists and biology students will count the animals and learn about their behavior.


Energy cooperation between India and Russia: Policy and approach

From: Russia & India Report

Russia, New Delhi’s trusted strategic partner is destined to play a vital role in ensuring India’s energy security in the coming decades.

Energy cooperation between India and Russia: Policy and approach

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 India and Russia established a deep-rooted friendship and diplomatic relationship on April 17, 1947, marking the beginning of cooperation and friendship. The civilizational links, spiritual and cultural affinities of both the nations forms the basis of deep understanding between each other and the mutually beneficial relationship, which has always defined India-Russia cooperation as time-tested and rock solid. As the saying goes that an “old friend is worth two new ones,” India and Russia follow similar feelings.