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CRE Comments to NHTSA

Information Quality Guidelines: CRE Submits Letter to NHTSA Recommending Points for Inclusion in Agency's Proposed Data Quality Guidelines
CRE recently sent a letter to the Administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recommend points for inclusion in the agency's proposed Data Quality guidelines. The Center's letter made suggestions regarding the standard of care for agency information prior to issuance, applicability of the guidelines to third-party submissions, procedures and deadlines for agency action on petitions, availability of administrative appeals, standards for "influential" information, and the applicability of the guidelines to enforcement actions. CRE hopes its comments are useful to NHTSA in preparing its proposed guidelines.

  • Click to view CRE's letter to NHTSA making recommendations on the agency's proposed Data Quality guidelines
  • Click to view CRE's letter to NHTSA urging diligent application of the Data Quality guidelines to the agency's upcoming review of CAFÉ standards
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