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The Washington Post and New York Times on Data Quality
Definitive Data Quality Articles

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Bleep the science! What about the law?

Change for America on Science and Tech Policy, Part 4: The Office of Science and Technology Policy

Travel Management Directives; Forest Service Manual 2350, 7700, and 7710 and Forest Service Handbook 7709.55

The Greatest Cause?

What really ticks me off about the McCain/Palin health plan

Drug czar attacks!

“Doubt Is Their Product”, the One Book To Read If You Want To Understand the Fight

Are McCain/Palin hazardous to your health? Oh, Yeah!

ISO-8000 Data Quality - something climate science could benefit from

Republican War on Science

FDA Favors Industry Science on BPA

ISO-8000 Data Quality - something climate science could benefit from

Big Data, Environmental Data

Data Quality Act (Social Security News)

Here is something to help you fight CPS

Case #2007-056 - Dr. Buttar's Blog

Bet You Didn’t Know What DQA Is?

A Comment On The Report “Unified Synthesis Product Global Climate Change in the United States” By Joseph D. Aleo

Post mortem on the Mauna Loa CO2 data eruption

The Stoned Crab: Bet You Didn't Know What DQA Is?

Data Quality Act: An Obstacle to Effective Environmental Regultions?

EPA Draws Suite Of Challenges Over Endocrine Chemical Testing Proposal

Regulatory Science and the Data Quality Act

Impact of the Data Quality Act on Decisionmaking at the Environmental Protection Agency

City petitions EPA for tougher pollution counting, Press Release

NCMR 12: Historical and Contemporary Challenges, continued

A chance to challenge junk science?

IN HAEC VERBA: Full Text of 6/13/2008 Filing Challenging City of St. Augustine's Latest Secretive Consent Decree With FDEP Over Illegal Dumping Case

FDL Book Salon Welcomes David Michaels: Doubt Is Their Product

Keep ball rolling on open records

How to Cook a Graph in Three Easy Lessons

History of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Groups Filing Intent To Sue EPA Over Standards For Smog

Scientists Combat OMB Threat

Doubt is Their Product - Early Reviews are In

Unbalancing the scales of scientific objectivity

Doubt Is Their Product (David Michaels, Oxford University Press)

The Federal Data Quality Act's Impact on the Environmental Health Regulatory Process

Doubt is Their Product

What About Congress?

Anchorage Port Plan: Politics and Pork

Tozzi V HHS

Groups seek more review of port expansion

Wolf Delisting And Designation As Distinct Population Segment

CDC Has Lost Control of the Autism Argument

Crooked Timber

The Monkey and The Organgrinder

The Manufacture of Uncertainty

Republican Foundations and Think Tanks

Assessment On Program Operations Of Cumulative Impact Of External Requirements Added Since 1977

Industry Groups Are Fighting Government Regulation By Formenting Scientific Uncertainty

NIOSH: Worker Exposure To Nanoparticles

Miner Safety Bill Clears House, Bush Veto Looms

Correcting the Record on the Data Quality Act (see page 2 of pdf)

Activists File Rare Data Act Challenge Against EPA Refinery Air Rule

NASA Evasion of Quality Control Procedures