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Legal Analyses


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Transparency In Public Science: Purposes, Reasons, Limits

The Information Quality Act: The Little Statute That Could (Or Couldn’t?)

CRE Analysis of Exemptions in OMB's Proposed Data Quality Risk Assessment Guidance
CRE Cover Letter on Proposed Exemptions to the National Academies Committee
AAAS Policy Brief: Data Quality

Ossifying Ossification: Why the Information Quality Act Should Not Provide for Judicial Review

Data Act Faces New Test As Drug Group Speeds Up Lawsuit Plans

Junking the "Junk Science" Law: Reforming the Information Quality Act

Business Thinks Data Rule Isn't Worth Its Salt

Ruling Sparks Industry Push For Court Review Of Agencies' Data Decisions

Fourth Circuit opinion in Salt Institute v. Leavitt

Information Quality and the Law, or, How to Catch a Difficult Horse

Federal Agencies Subject to Data Quality Act