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Legal Analyses


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Wresting Environmental Decisions From an Uncertain World

An IQ Test For Federal Agencies? Judicial Review Of The Information Quality Act Under The APA

An Update on the Implementation of the Data Quality Act: The Cost of Sound Science

New Data Quality Suit Could Force EPA To Act On Delayed Petitions

Science Experiment: Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

Information Quality and the Law, or, How to Catch a Difficult Horse

Two Views on Data Amendments

Corrected Information Quality Guidelines

Accounting For Science: The Independence Of Public Research In The New, Subterranean Administrative Law

House Holds Hearings on Information Quality Act

Industry, Key Republican Suspend Push For Expanded Data Quality Act

Court in Divided Opinion Upholds EPA'S Decision Not to Regulate C02

Industry Pushes White House To Allow Judicial Review Under Data Act

An Update on the Implementation of the Data Quality Act: The Cost of Sound Science

Salt Institute and the Chamber of Commerce v. Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary, HHS

Regulatory Policy

Truth and Science Betrayed: The Case Against The Information Quality Act

The Data Quality Act: History and Purpose

Congress Reviewing Agency Implementation Of The Data Quality Act

Industry Could Face Tough Precedent In Appeal Of Data Quality Case