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CRE Repository of Data Quality Guidelines Comments

Pursuant to the requirements of the Data Quality Act, incorporated in the FY 2001 Omnibus Appropriations Act (P.L. 106-554), OMB issued proposed guidelines to ensure the "quality," "objectivity," Autility," and "integrity" of information disseminated to the public by federal agencies. OMB published its proposed guidelines in the Federal Register on June 28, 2001 (66 Fed. Reg. 34489), and public comments were accepted through August 13, 2001.

In response to its request, OMB received 97 submissions from the public on its proposed Data Quality guidelines. OMB will review these comments in formulating its final Data Quality guidelines, which must be promulgated by September 30, 2001, as required by the statute.

CRE is a repository for information on the Data Quality law. Consequently, as a service to its readers, CRE has posted below all of the public comments submitted to OMB on this issue. The comments have been broken down by the following categories of respondent (with each listing having a link to that set of comments):


The purpose of this action is to provide a forum for the important public policy discussion on this issue. CRE will subsequently be providing an analysis of a select number of these public comments, and we invite interested parties to engage in an ongoing dialogue on the guidelines and their implementation. CRE will share the results of this debate with OMB and agency officials to facilitate Data Quality Act implementation.

  • The following breakdown shows the distribution of comments by major categories.
  • Federal Agencies (24)   back to index^

    Associations (17)  back to index^

    Industry/Industry Associations (6)  back to index^

    Academic Centers (37)  back to index^

    Other Organized Groups (9)  back to index^

    Individuals (4)  back to index^