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Ravalli County commissioner to speak at wolf coordination meeting

Ravalli County Commissioner Matt Kanenwisher will be one of a handful of keynote speakers at a Trademark America Wolf Coordination Taskforce meeting.

And what exactly is the point of this meeting?

“Time for local governments to become empowered by information necessary to engage in the issues related to wolf management…

“This conference will provide local officials with the Tenth Amendment tools needed to engage in the coordination of wolf management as required by law…

“This conference will provide citizens with the knowledge they need to assist their local governments to engage in coordination in order to insure adequeate attention is given to protection of safety, health and economy of local communities;…of livestock and domestic animals;…of the big game herds that should be the primary focus of Fish and Game officials.”

The meeting is scheduled for Feb. 18 in Missoula. But it will cost a pretty penny to take part in the conference. $75 per person to be exact.

The agenda for the conference will include the following:

Kanenwisher will be speaking on his “first hand perspective”, on “establsihing the economic impacts on local economies relative to the hunting and outfitting industries.”

Other speakers will be Norman MacLeod, president of Gaelic Wolf Consulting; Clayton Dethlefsen, director of Western Predator Control Association; Fred Grant, who served as chair for group that put together the Owyhee Initiative Agreement in Idaho.

Prior to this February meeting, there are sure to be more meetings on the Ravalli County commissioners’ schedule regarding wolves. This Tuesday, they will be giving a report on the public comment received thus far on their efforts to create a county policy for predator management.

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