The Bolen Report: The Federal "Data Quality Act" Is Our Friend

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

It is no secret that I constantly sell the idea that an alliance
needs to be made between the North American Health Freedom Movement
and the Autism communities. I keep pointing out that each community,
having operated on their own for years, have developed strategies and
tactics that serve them well.

My best argument, made to the Health Freedom Movement, FOR that
alliance is simple: I point out that the Autism community is the best
public example of what happens when a social, in this case medical,
system goes bad, and stays bad - an issue we fight every day in
Health Freedom. I also point out that the Autism community is LARGE
and ANGRY. Then too, Autism seems to be an affliction of the Upper
Middle Class - people who do not take "no" for an answer - and they
generally are of the opinion that the government works for them - not
the other way around. Just like us.

My best argument to the Autism community, FOR that alliance is that
the Health Freedom movement has separate components that work
together, we have a very good track record, we are experienced, and
we are used to dealing with the human filth that inhabits the formal
opposition. We know when to put on a biohazard suit, and go into the
fray with fumigation equipment, so to speak.

In middle March of 2007 I got a call from Anne Dachel from Age of
Autism (AOA) asking me why I hadn't done any articles on the Autism
problem. My answer was direct: Because, Anne, I said, "I don't know
anything about the issue."

What evolved from that was a collaboration between Kenneth Stoller,
MD, FAAP and Anne Dachel to write two superb articles for my
newsletter: "Throwing children into oncoming traffic: The truth about
Autism" and "The Mushroom Cloud that Caused Autism".

You can read those by clicking on the titles.

Coming to the point...

So, when Ken Stoller MD calls me at home at 8:30 PM at night to talk
to me about my latest Autism article "Vaccines - The Emperor Has No
Clothes...," I take the call. Ken is a fountain of information.

Ken's comments on my article centered around what's called the "Data
Quality Act" and its prospective use in the situation I described
surrounding the State Department's issuance of an unsigned,
un-accounted-for, document to the United Nations Environmental
Programme (UNEP) on mercury claiming that mercury was no problem in

I suggest you read, carefully, the linked article "Federal Agencies
Subject to Data Quality Act" - By Susan M. Bisong of Modrall
Sperling. But, for now, let me give you the gist of what you are
going to read, because this is a powerful tool for us to use:

To read the entire article click on or

Tim Bolen