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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

EPA Acts on EDSP
EPA has taken four new steps in its troubled Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program.

First, EPA has established a website compiling "information available to assist individuals who have received test orders (i.e., requests to submit data) in complying with test order requirements."

Second , EPA has developed and posted "a set of Standard Evaluation Procedures (SEPs) which provide guidance for the review and evaluation of environmental and human health effects data submitted in response to Test Orders for the 890 Guideline Series for the EDSP Tier 1 battery."

Third, EPA has developed and posted "study profile templates [which] describe the layout and scope of information that should be contained within a study profile, and [which] can serve as a guide for the preparation of study documents" for the 890 Guideline Series for the EDSP Tier 1 battery."

Fourth, EPA has issued and posted "clarifications about technical aspects of the conduct of Tier 1 assays for the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program in response to questions raised by Test Order recipients and others."

  • Click here to access these EPA websites