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What really ticks me off about the McCain/Palin health plan

Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 02:05:13 PM PDT

I remember the saying "Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land." In this last debate McCain brought up his family's and his running mate's attention to special needs children. This is height of hypocrisy!I am not alone.
It really burns me up when McCain talks about diseases (like autism and obesity) and knows next to nothing about President Bush and the GOP's track record on health matters. President Bush is hazardous to your health. Legislation like the Data Quality Act are simplistic and deadly because they give the wrong people (corporations) wide latitude in suppressing science. If they don't like it is not real.    
Social policy is health policy. Health is tied to the distribution of resources. McCain can't look at who has underwritten America's health education for the last eight years. Think of the worst possible people one could imagine deciding what health is and is not. Read on and gasp!

McDonalds, Coca Cola and every other food company and chemical corporation have used us and our children as crash test dummies to make money. McCain's talk about physical fitness and nutrition was just a meanless soundbite because if he meant to fight obesity he should have done it sooner. McCain doesn't want spread the wealth as much he wants
make people like me sick with his political rheutoric. I am tired of it.
All diseases are genetic/environmental interactions. Autism and obesity don't appear on their own. Chemistry triggers a response in our DNA. Genes are expressed by chemistry. Genes control hormones. Hormones control cells. Cells make us what we are.
Diseases like obesity and autism have been increasing for decades. McCain and Palin can't afford to see epidemics for what they are. They see disease as an accident or an act of God! God didn't create the obesity epidemic, Down's Syndrome or autism. Somehow we did! We need to find how and fast. Obama was right when he said you can't fund health research with tax cuts. I want to end our nation's epidemic of morbidity. We are in a health crisis RIGHT NOW! Things will get much worse if we don't act sooner rather later.    
If we elect Obama then we might just stop our epidemic of morbidity but if we elect McCain the less I write the better because America doesn't want to understand what it has done to our freedom.


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