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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

Interagency Testing Committee Recommends that EPA Add Lead and Lead Compounds to TSCA Test List
On July 27, 2007, the US Environmental Protection Agency published notice of the report to EPA submitted by the Interagency Testing Committee. The ITC report recommends that EPA add lead and lead compounds to the Toxics Substances Control Act Priority Testing List.

The ITC is established by TSCA section 4(e) "to make recommendations to the [EPA] Administrator respecting the chemical substances and mixtures to which the Administrator should give priority consideration for the promulgation of rules for testing under section 4(a)...."

The ITC recommends testing lead and lead compounds because "EPA is looking beyond paint-related sources in an effort to address risks from other potentially significant sources." EPA intends to coordinate its expanded testing of lead containing products with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's review of risks from metal jewelry containing lead. EPA will focus on other lead-containing products that may pose risk to children under 14 in order to avoid duplication of the CPSC's work.

Comments are due by August 27, 2007, on EPA's proposed addition of lead and lead containing products to the TSCA Priority Testing List.

  • Click here to read EPA's Federal Register notice