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Scientific American Publishes DQA Article
The July 2006 issue of Scientific American contains an article on the Data Quality Act. The article discusses several DQA petitions that have been filed, including one to the HHS Office of Public Health Services regarding the agency's statements that marijuana has no medicinal benefits. The CRE is involved with and supports the medical marijuana petition.

The article quotes Sean Moulton of OMB Watch as criticizing the medical marijuana petition, “It’s a case where you have industry trying to establish a precedent for itself by hiding behind sick people.”

Mr. Moulton is incorrect. The medical marijuana petition is a case where the CRE and other petitioners are trying to use the DQA to help “sick people,” not hide behind them.

The article also discusses the possibility that Congress will amend the DQA to expressly state congressional intent that the DQA is judicially reviewable. Thomas O. McGarity is a University of Texas law professor and president of the Center for Progressive Reform. The article quotes Mr. McGarity as stating with regard to Congress amending the DQA, “If they do...they’re going to wish they hadn’t.”

Mr. McGarity’s statement is not explained in the article, and we do not know what it means. Is he threatening Congress?

  • Click to read Scientific American article