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Friday, May 19, 2006

Nanotechnology: Data Quality Act Strikes Again

Environmental groups seeking stronger regulation of products containing nanotechnology, such as sunscreen and cosmetics, may be thwarted by the Data Quality Act, a provision that allows individuals (or industry groups) to challenge the integrity of government science.

The industry-backed Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, fronted by DQA author Jim Tozzi, plans to lead the charge against stricter nanotechnology regulations, but it’s clear Tozzi’s real incentive is not to ensure sound science but to keep nanotechnology companies in business. Greenwire (subscription-only) reports that Tozzi sent an email to nanotechnology groups claiming that the petition by green groups for stricter nanotechnology regulations “will seriously curtail nanotech programs.” Tozzi went on to say, “The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness will invoke the recent Data Quality Act to oppose the petition. . . . If you are interested in participating in the formulation and implementation of CRE’s strategy, please contact me.” According to the article, Tozzi received a large and favorable response to his email.

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Posted by Genevieve Smith