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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

Roger Ebert's Response to CRE's Syriana Review
Roger Ebert, America's most distinguished film critic, responded to CRE's review of Syriana by criticizing our article's central premise, that the movie promotes isolationism. Mr. Ebert's own review of Syriana may be found here.

Mr. Ebert explained, "This document completely mistakes the point of the movie, which is that we must play the game, not retreat to our fortress." CRE is not going to contradict the world's best known and most widely read film critic's understanding of the movie. Rather, we firmly agree that America cannot "retreat to our fortress.'

Roger Ebert also raised another important point in his critique of CRE's review of Syriana and the accompanying white paper. Mr. Ebert noted that "It also takes on faith Saudi estimates of oil reserves that the Saudis have never allowed any independent organization to confirm for years."

CRE takes no position as to the accuracy of the publicly available estimates of any country's oil reserves. However, CRE does recognize that data quality is essential to developing and conducting an effective energy policy.

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