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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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US nuclear submarine collides with cargo ship
Daily Times - 8 hours agoMANAMA: A US nuclear submarine collided with a Turkish cargo ship in the Gulf early on Monday 30 miles northeast of Bahrain, but no one was injured and the damage was minor, spokesmen for both vessels said.US Sub Collides With Cargo Ship in Gulf Guardian UnlimitedUS nuclear-powered submarine collides with cargo ship Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription)Khaleej Times - Independent Online - Zaman Online - Ireland Online

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To Spite the Face
Under the surface of Mars lies an ancient, nuclear-powered city left by Martian citizens. At least, that's what a group of space researchers think. And they're trying to prove it by invoking a little-known remnant of President Clinton's last days called the "Data Quality Act" that went into force in October of this year. The filing, dated October 31, 2002, gives NASA 40 days to address the complaint that there is faulty data on Arizona State University's THEMIS Web site.

These Pipes are Clean!
On Friday -- erm, the previous Friday; so I'm behind a little bit... -- an elite (sorry,"l337") paramilitary team of plumbers toting a nuclear-powered drain snake were victorious over The Drain Clog that Ate Cincinnati. The drain is clear! The water flows! Actually, I wasn't here when the strike team parachuted in but I think it's safe to assume that: (a) the apartment complex was cordoned off and traffic was redirected around the building; (b) the team consisted of...

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