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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

CRE, Farmers File Joint Data Quality Act Petition on Atrazine
The Kansas Corn Growers Association and the Triazine Network joined CRE in filing a joint Data Quality Act Petition requesting corrections to influential information in EPA's Final Registration Eligibility Science Chapter for Atrazine: Environmental Fate and Effects Chapter (April 22, 2002). The Petition, filed November 25, 2002, requests correction of those parts of EPA's Environmental Risk Assessment stating that the herbicide atrazine causes endocrine effects in the environment. EPA's statements do not meet the Data Quality Act's reliability, reproducibility and utility standards because there are no validated tests for determining whether atrazine causes environmental endocrine effects.

  • Click for the joint Data Quality Petition
  • Click for the Exhibits to the Joint Petition
  • CRE Regulatory Services

  • Exhibits to the Joint Petition

  • Exhibit A - Reregistration Eligibility Science Chapter for Atrazine Environmental Fate and Effects Chapter

  • Exhibit B - Evaluation of the Validation Status of Toxicological Methods: General Guidelines for Submissions to ICCVAM

  • Exhibit C - NRDC v. EPA - Joint Motion for Approval of Agreed-Upon Modification to Consent Decree

  • Exhibit D - USEPA - Review of Comments from Syngenta and its Contractors about the EPA Revised Environmental Risk Assessment for Atrazine

  • Exhibit E - NIH Publication No: 97-3981 (March 1997) Validation and Regulatory Acceptance of Toxicological Test Methods

  • Exhibit F - Daily Californian Article - Research Shows Exposure to Chemical Affects Frog Sexuality

  • Exhibit G - NRDC Evaluation - Atrazine: An Unacceptable Risk to America's Children & Environment

  • Exhibit H - Atrazine Endocrine Ecological Risk Assement Panel Memo - Atrazine in Frogs - Gonadal data

  • Exhibit I - Critique of Carr Study (Response of Larval XENOPUS LAEVIS to Atrazine: Assessment of Growth, Metamorphosis, and Gonadal and Laryngeal Morphology

  • Exhibit J - Syngenta Letter - Submission of Additional Comments on Notice Published in the Federal Register May 6, 2002 Atrazine: Availability of Revised Risk Assessments and Related Documents

  • Exhibit K - Triazine Network Web Page - Who We Are

  • Exhibit L - Triazine Network - Comments for Submission to the USEPA Office of Pesticide Programs Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED) Docket for Atrazine