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OMB Regulatory Officials
OMB Papers on Centralized Review
OMB Papers on Centralized Regulatory Review

Unfinished Business

(a) OMB Review of Independent Agency Regulations

(b) OMB Review of Consent Orders

(c) Establishment of OIRA-type organizations in other countries.
(d) Government-Wide Federal Register Format for Printing
      Regulatory Information.

(e) Regulation Through Litigation Executive Order

(f) Establishment of an Academy for the Administrative Process
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  • Background Materials on ACUS Reauthorization
  • A Legislative Analysis of the Demise of the Administrative
    Conference of the United States
  • Statement Of Jeffrey S. Lubbers (Fellow In Law And Government Washington College Of Law American University)

  • (g)  Re-issue Executive Order Executive Order 12498

    (h)  Review of Existing Regulations

    (i)  Pass The Bumpers Amendment

    (j)  The Paperwork Reduction Act Certification Process: The
         Sarbanes/Oxley Act For The Public Sector

    (k)  Designate The Data Quality Act As A Good Government
          Statute In Agency Rule Preambles

    (l)  Increase the scope of OMB's Data Access Guidelines

    (m)  Actions Needed For FTC Compliance With The Data        Quality Act

    (n)  Agency Certification of Regulatory Compliance with the
          Data Quality Act

    (o)  OMB Should Review DQA Petitions as Major Rules

    (p)  Environmentalism Contained: A History Of Corporate
          Responses To The New Environmentalism

    (q) Should be Controlled by the Federal
          Register and it Should Include the Administrative       Record of Agencies

    (r)  OIRA: The Cockpit Of The Regulatory State

    (s)  Implement a Regulatory Budget

    (t)  OMB would notify the Department of Justice that petitions filed under the Data Quality Act are judicially reviewable

    (u)  Increase OIRA Staff Level

    (v)  Endangered Species Data Quality Act Of 2004