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OMB Policy Statements

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December 2012

OMB Report: ‘No Regulatory Tsunami’ On Way

GAO Probing U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy

Obama and OMB Reject Speaker Boehner's 'Plan B' Tax Plan as Inadequate

Minerals On public Lands Not Accounted, GAO Report Finds

OMB Approves FDA's Potential Tobacco Product Violations Reporting Form

November Tax Receipts Grow, Deficit Higher: CBO

Pentagon Begins Planning for $500B in ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Cuts

One Easy Agenda Item On Climate: OMB to Release DOE Energy Efficiency Rules

November 2012

Unemployment Benefits Extension Would Create 300,000 Jobs: CBO

OMB Gets Improved Ratings From Its Own Employees

CBO: 'Fiscal Cliff' Could Trigger Recession

Essential Benefits Rules Go to OMB for Review

Fiscal Cliff Combines Tax Hikes, Spending Cuts

OMB Watch Outlines Strategies to Minimize Near-Term Sequester Impact

GAO: Doctors' 'Self-Referrals' Cost Medicare More Than $100M

October 2012

OMB Has Authority to Make Federal Cybersecurity More Dynamic

OMB to Give CIOs IT Hunting License Through Broadening of Authorities

CBO confirms $24 billion Loss on Bailouts

The 2012 Long-Term Projections for Social Security

OMB Gives Agencies Guidance for Operating Under Six-Month FY2013 CR

Congressional Budget Office Tally Puts 2012 Federal Budget Deficit at $1.1T

GAO Denies Protest of $4.6 Billion DISA Contract

OMB to Contractors: Follow Labor Guidance On Pre-Sequester Layoff Notices

September 2012

TFC Partners with OMB for Global Anti-Piracy Campaign

CBO: Electric Cars Are A Waste Of Money

GAO Urges Action On Mobile Device Security

OMB Details Sequestration Plan; DHS Potentially Hit With $4B In Cuts

OMB Hints at Mandatory Strategic Sourcing

CBO Demands a Leap of Faith on the Fiscal Cliff

August 2012

NARA Gets OMB Directive: Oversee Revamping of Fed Records Management

Fifty Shades of Red Ink

Spending Bills Exceed Budget Caps, Could Trigger Cuts

OMB IT Spending Guidance Calls for Reprioritization, Possible Cuts

Reagan OMB Chief: Ryan's Budget a 'Fairy Tale'

OMB Unveils Detailed Plans for Performance Management Changes

eWH Chief of Staff Daley Briefed on Solyndra Concerns, Email Says

July 2012

GAO Finds Agency IT Cost Estimation Wanting

Congressional Budget Office Report Estimates Cost of Health-Care Law

Ari Fleischer: The Latest News on Tax Fairness

Obama Starts Latest Cost-Cutting 'SAVE' Contest

OMB Redoubles Call for Prompt Payments to Small Subs

Pentagon Spending Plans Will Exceed Projected Budget: CBO

GAO: Clean Water Act Funds Need Oversight

GAO Affirms TRICARE West Contract Award to UnitedHealthcare

More Deadlines Missed as FMSA Rules Remain Stalled at OMB

June 2012

Bill Requiring OMB to Share Sequestration Plans Sails Through Committee

Powder River Basin Coal Leasing Prompts IG, GAO Reviews

AgilQuest REOS to Help Federal Agencies Meet New OMB Mandate

OMB Calls for Inclusion of Modular IT Development In Agency Capital Planning

GAO Report Notes Differing Admission Rates

OMB Asks Agencies To Set Science, Tech Priorities In FY 2014 Budgets

Terrorist Watchlist Process Needs Oversight, Says GAO

OMB Should Involve More Agencies in Priority Goals

May 2012

New Disclosure Rules for Political Ads Could Take Months

OMB Pushes for More Rigorous Program Evaluations

Shared First Strategies to Initially Focus on Intra-Agency Sharing

CBO: Tricare for Life Mail Order Plan May Work

OMB Instructs Agencies to Further Cut Travel and Conferences

USW Welcomes GAO Report on Employer Policies, Programs and Practices

FierceGovernmentIT FOIAs GSA TechStat Documents

Lockheed F-22s May Need a $12 Billion Upgrade, GAO Says

April 2012

OMB Says VA Should Be Exempt From Sequestration Cuts

OMB: No Contingency Plans Yet for Sequestration

Will Entitlement Programs and Debt Consume U.S. Budget in 2025?

Sen. Casey Calls for Action as Salmonella Outbreak Reaches 20 States

Chamber Urges OMB to Require EEOC To Open Process on Background Checks

Chamber of Commerce Urges OMB to Require EEOC to Allow Public Input

Some Agencies More Ready for the Cloud Than Others

GAO Examines DoD's Audit Stance, Weapons Portfolio

OMB Launches Portfolio Stat to Reduce Commodity IT Spending

March 2012

Improvement Needed in Three TSA Screening Programs

The Reckoning on Obamacare

OMB Tells Agencies to Measure Cumulative Effects of Regs

OMB: Growth in Federal Cyberattacks Slows

GAO Reports Impact of OMB 2010 Financial Project Halt

OMB Decision on Road Called Win-Win

OMB to Increase IT Project Oversight with Improved Dashboard

OMB Builds Strategy to Better Target Grant Fraud, Error and Waste

February 2012

OMB Reports Contract Spending Stayed Flat in 2011

Obama Paying Bush II Interest Costs Limits Deficit as Issue

House GOP, OMB Chief Spar Over Obama Budget

Obama’s $3 Trillion Budget Proves Unique

'Chemicals of Concern' List Stuck at OMB

OMB Shared First Should Include Open Source

OMB Officials Detail Reorganization Plan and Headway Against Waste

January 2012

OMB to Expand Permit-Tracking Initiative

Obama Paying Bush II Interest Costs Limits Deficit as Issue

Obama Taps Zients to Lead OMB

And The Next OMB Director Will Be…

GAO: OMB Misses Key Areas Needing Oversight


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