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OMB Policy Statements

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December 2009

OMB Proposes New FISMA Metric For Government Agencies

OMB Searches For Department Programs Making Improper Payments

November 2009

OMB Reports $98 Billion In Improper And Wasteful Payments in FY' 2009

OMB Guidelines Lead To Miscounting Stimulus Job Cuts

October 2009

EPA Releases OMB Comments On Chemical Studies

OMB Releases New Initiatives For Performance Measurement

OMB To Issue New Policies In Effort To Encourage Transparency

September 2009

EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule Clears OMB

OMB Requires Agencies To Submit Information Security Reports Via Online Tool

August 2009

OMB Updates Economic Forecast

OMB Consider Using "Cookies" On Federal Websites

OMB Outlines Plan To Reduce Government Reliance On Outside Contractors

July 2009

OMB Director Defends White House's $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan

OMB Directives Lead To New Federal Hiring Practices

OMB Releases New Guidance For Recovery Act Reporting

June 2009

Senate Homeland Security Committee Nominates CPO To Oversee OMB

OMB Releases New Guidelines For data

May 2009

OMB Changes Program Ratings For Budget Allocations

OMB Sets New Stimulus Guidelines for States

OMB Plans To Consolidate Management Watch List

April 2009

The Interior Department Proceeds To Revamp Endangered Species Rules

OMB Rules On EPA's Determination That Emissions Should Be Limited

OMB: Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Increases Though Spending Declines

March 2009

OMB Extends Deadline For Regulatory Review Process

OMB Accepts Occupational Structure Recommendations For Printing Workers

OMB To Issue Guidance To Agencies And Reform Government Contracting

February 2009

OMB Issues Stimulus Spending Guidelines To Government Agencies

OMB Says 20 Percent of Stimulus Programs Are "Ineffective"

Regulatory Review EO's Revoked

OMB List Agencies To Provide Information Security Requirements

January 2009

OMB To Evaluate How Agencies Evaluate Agencies Program Value

Report Finds That OMB Did Not Influence DOD In Competitive Sourcing


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