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OMB Policy Statements 2004

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  • December 2004

    OMB: Evaluation of E-gov Initiatives

    OMB: Air Force Tankers

    OMB: Duplicate IT Projects

  • November 2004

    OMB: Info-sharing Initiative

    OMB: New Funding Proposal

  • October 2004

    OMB: Leased IT Systems

    OMB: Pay As You Go

  • September 2004

    OMB: Shared-Savings Programs

    OMB: Bush’s Medicare Plan

    OMB: Contractor for E-Gov Validation

    OMB Forms Terrorist Information Council

    OMB: Cybersecurity Check-up

  • August 2004

    OMB Hires Marketing Firm

    OMB: President’s Management Agenda Criteria

    OMB: Cost Management

    OMB: Data Improvement

    White House and OMB Reduce Deficit Estimate

  • July 2004

    OMB’s Color Coded Grading System

    Microsoft Approves OMB Memo

    OMB: Defining Security Reporting Policies

    OMB: Software Licensing

    CBO and OMB Differ on Mortgage Bill

  • June 2004

    OMB To Release Data Model

    OMB: Funding

    OMB: Social Security Report

    OMB Stops Government Acquisition Contracts Not Getting Expected Traffic

    OMB: Paperwork and Regulatory Improvement Act

  • May 2004

    E-Gov Progress Sluggish, Says OMB

    OMB Watch Launches New Website

    OMB To Release Competitive Sourcing Data Soon

  • April 2004

    OMB Looks for New E-Gov Initiatives

    OMB: Public Spending Less Time on Federal Forms

    OMB Looks to Bolster E-Gov Marketing

    OMB: Agency IT Results Unsatisfactory

  • March 2004

    OMB Seeks to Increase Citizen Use of E-Gov

    Officials: Agency, Congress IT Security Needs Improvement

    OMB Aims to Stop Duplicate Agency Spending

    OMB Looks to Increase Accountability from Agencies

    OMB: Cyber-Security First

    GAO Says Competitive-Sourcing Could Be Improved

    OMB: Competitive-Sourcing Reports Due By March 31

  • February 2004

    Privacy Czar Sought at OMB

    OMB to 'Modernize' Manufacturing Regulations

    OMB Official Praises Performance Review

    OMB Looks to Cut 13 Failed Programs

    OMB Aims for Effective E-Gov Cooperation

    OMB Works on New Architecture Guide

  • January 2004

    IT Systems Becoming More Secure, OMB Says

    OMB Pushes ‘Share-in-Savings’ for Agencies

    OMB Defends Peer Review Plan

    OMB Mulls Proposal to OK Public Health Alerts

    OMB Details Iraq Expenditures

    OMB Aims to Consolidate HR, Financial Systems

    OMB Requests Plans for Job Competition

    OMB Plans Update to Circular A-130

    OMB to Review Rule Change on Real Estate Closings

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