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OMB: Low Management Grades
The OMB has released its new report card for federal agencies management efforts. For the first time since 2002, four agencies have received downgrades in the green, yellow, and red rating system. The harsh grading on the President’s Management Agenda rated five key initiatives: human capital, competitive sourcing, financial performance, e-government, and budget/performance integration. No agency has yet received all green scores across the board, but five agencies scored green on four out of the five initiatives.

“‘The message from these status downgrades is that implementing the PMA is hard work, requiring significant, unequivocal attention by management; and we are serious about holding departments accountable,’ said Clay Johnson, OMB's deputy director for management, in written remarks.”

"The progression is still to green. Four years ago, you saw a sea of red; today, you're seeing green cropping up. This is great news," said Carl DeMaio, president of the Performance Institute, an Arlington, Va., think tank devoted to the study of government management.”

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