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Report: OMB a Great Place to Work
A new report from Partnership for Public Service – a nonprofit organization that analyzed the workplace environment in various agencies – judged OMB as one of the executive branch’s best places to work. The report gave OMB high praise for its teamwork and leadership, and also noted its ability to effectively match staff with jobs and mission.

“Dick Emery, OMB's assistant director for budget and the agency's senior career official, said the quality of OMB's leaders and the staff's strong sense of purpose "all weigh very strongly with the people who stay" for careers at OMB.

It helps to work in close proximity to the Oval Office. Laboring on behalf of the most powerful office in the world makes it much easier to justify long hours and the daily grind.

Emery thinks other factors are just as important, if not more so, however. Most employees, he said, know OMB Director Joshua B. Bolten on "a first-name basis, work closely on policy issues that they are interested in every day and virtually never have a dull day in the office."

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