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OMB Eyes 2004 As Breakthrough Year for E-Gov
OMB hopes that government agencies not only satisfy the goals of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) in 2004, but that they will see “breakthrough performance” in e-gov by the end of the year. National Science Foundation is the only major government agency to receive a “green” score (indicating that PMA goals are met) from OMB thus far, but several agencies – including the departments of Commerce and Education and the Environmental Protection Agency – have met at least 80 percent of the criteria specified by OMB. The goal for 2004, however, is that agencies surpass the PMA targets and have breakthrough years.

“Breakthrough performance means many things to many people,” [OMB’s associate administrator for e-government Tad] Anderson said last night during a panel discussion on the federal IT outlook for 2004 sponsored by Dutko Government Markets of Washington. “It could mean agencies are using their enterprise architecture as a tool for not just IT managers, but for all government mangers. It could be where IT investments are consolidated

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