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A Last Chance for Neonics in Europe

Editor’s Note: The EU’s delay in banning neonicotinoids offers new economic hope to Europe’s farmers. See, Does the EU’s Neonicotinoid Ban End the Competitive Future of European Farmers?

From: Farmers Guardian

Abi Kay, Chief Reporter

The future of neonicotinoids continues to hang in the balance after an EU vote on a blanket ban was postponed this week.

Representatives from member states met on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss European Commission proposals to extend the ban on flowering crops to all outdoor crops, but no vote was taken.

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Anti-Neonic Movement Poised to Deliver Knock-Out Punch in Europe

Editor’s Note: The EU’s ban on neonicotinoids is not scientifically based. See, EFSA Neonicotinoid Statement: Unfit for Government Use and Paying the Price for the EU’s Disastrous Ban on Neonics. Also see the USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service Report on the EU’s further restrictions on neonicotinoids. The USDA/FAS Report states, “The only basis for the proposed restrictions is EFSA’s risk assessment, which is based on a currently unapproved Bee Guidance Document. This theoretical guidance on how to conduct the risk assessment of the impact of Plant Protection Products on bees is not supported by many EU Member States.”

From: EU Reporter

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Will the US Competitive Crush Canada’s Agricultural Industry? If So, Credit EPA’s Science-Based Policies

From: Alberta Farmer Express

Pesticide rules hurting farmers, says consultant

Producers north of the border have access to fewer modes of action and active ingredients



He pointed to wheat and barley, saying Canadian farmers have access to five modes of action and 10 different active ingredients, while U.S. farmers have seven modes of action and 15 different active ingredients. In dry beans, there are 12 different modes of action and 34 active ingredients in the U.S. versus five and 10 respectively.

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Why Does a Google Search for “Neonicotinoids” Return A Russian Website As Its Featured Snippet? Is There a Relation between Russian “Fake News” and the Anti-Neonic Movement?


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Say Goodbye to Neonics, Say Hello to Weevils

From: Horticulture Week

Fern grower makes neonicotinoid plea

Bob Hollister of specialist fern growers Country Garden Plant Sales has made a plea to for the continued use of neonicotinoids on non-flowering plants.


Hollister fears that a blanket ban on the incorporation of neonicotinoids into growing media will cause unnecessary problems for many ‘non flowering’ plant producers. Conifers, ferns and grasses can all be susceptible to vine weevil, which has been safely treated with neonicotinoids for decades.

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