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Idaho seeks growers’ input on pollinator plan

From: Capital Press

John O’Connell


Oakley potato farmer Randy Hardy will represent the IPC on Idaho’s committee. Hardy said virtually all of Idaho’s conventional potato producers use the systemic insecticide imidacloprid to protect their crops from diseases such as potato leafroll virus. The chemical is in the neonicotinoid class, which has been targeted for regulation due to possible impacts on pollinators. Hardy said spud growers apply the chemical as a seed treatment or in-furrow, having no effect on bees.

“If (regulators) know states are watching (pollinator health) and monitoring and coming up with their own procedures, it will go a long way,” Hardy said.

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The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses

From: PLOS | Pathogens

Laura M. Brutscher, Alexander J. McMenamin, Michelle L. Flenniken

In this short review, we present our current understanding of the role of viruses on honey bee health and address some overarching questions in honey bee virology.


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