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Honey bee treatment ‘applied in wrong way’

From: The Telegraph (UK)

Honey bee populations are being allowed to collapse because current treatments are being applied to hives in the wrong way, experts claim.

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent

Bees have been in steep decline in Britain in recent decades due in part to   the varroa mite, which is widely blamed for the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” causing the decimation of entire hives around the world.

But a current treatment could kill up to 98 per cent of varroa mites in a hive without harming any of the bees inside if it is used correctly, and would offer a cheap and simple solution to the problem, experts claim.

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There is no bee crisis

From: Ottawa Citizen

By Bjorn Lomborg

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no “bee-pocalypse.” There is lots of alarmist talk about colony collapse disorder, people are blaming pesticides and talking about hundreds of billions of dollars at risk. But a closer look tells a very different story.

Yes, honeybees are dying in above-average numbers, but the most likely cause is the varroa mite and associated viruses.

Moreover, if you look at the actual numbers, they undermine much of the catastrophic rhetoric. In the United States, where we have good data, beekeepers have adapted to CCD. Colony numbers were higher in 2010 than any year since 1999. The beekeepers are not passive victims.

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