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Possible Cause Of Bee Colony Collapse Discovered

From: University Of Pittsburgh release


While many questions remain, a new study by University of Pittsburgh researchers suggests contaminated soils as a possible culprit in bee colony collapse disorder.


Beekeepers and researchers nationally are reporting growing evidence that a powerful new class of pesticides may be killing off bumblebees. Now, research at the University of Pittsburgh points toward another potential cause: metal pollution from aluminum and nickel.


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Beekeepers, Researchers and Bayer CropScience Associate Overwintering Bee Losses with Varroa Mite

From: Press Release


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, Apr 02, 2013┬ávia PRWEB – Honey bees are essential to the world’s agricultural system and food supply. More than a quarter of the food produced in the U.S. is dependent upon honey bees because of their efficiency and utility as pollinators. Although colony losses are typically expected following the winter season, experts have expressed concerns about the severity of this winter’s colony losses.


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