From: Bloomberg/BNA

By Cheryl Bolen

Howard Shelanski, the new administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is contemplating changes in 2014 to strengthen agencies’ retrospective review of rules and to provide more transparency about the status of rules under review by OIRA.

Shelanski outlined these changes and his agenda for the coming year during a Jan. 13 interview with Bloomberg BNA at his office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, overlooking the White House.

OIRA is an agency within the Office of Management and Budget that reviews draft regulations from executive branch agencies under Executive Order 12,866. In January 2011, President Barack Obama set a new standard for regulatory review through EO 13,563.

“Let me push back a little bit on the notion that there is some kind of big regulatory surge coming.”


OIRA Administrator Shelanski

OIRA’s agenda this year will largely be driven by what comes in through the agencies, Shelanski said. And so, its priorities in terms of actually doing regulatory review are going to reflect the kinds of rules that the agencies put forward, he said. Those rules, in turn, will reflect the priorities of cabinet secretaries and the president, Shelanski said.

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