A Note to Corporate America on Social Entrepreneurs

 Basically  we  want to publicize the existence of environmental entrepreneurs; individuals  who use the proven techniques  of the private sector to solve societal problems.
Environmental/social entrepreneurs are common outside the US; their existence in the US is limited to academic reviews.
I want to encourage our best minds to become social entrepreneurs and  be satisified with  rewards other than  financial rewards mainly through personal recognition in the media and  recognition by their peers.
This article in the The Environmental Forum published by the Environmental Law Institute identifies five  such entrepreneurs; please see http://thecre.com/pdf/Tozzi_Levinson_Forum_2014_Jan-Feb.pdf
 I would like private sector  firms to use some the funds they spend on Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability to develop social/environmental entrepreneurs.
The development of social entreprenuers could add to the bottom line of the nation, its citizens and its corporations.
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