January 30, 2012

Refuge Alternative/Underground Coal Mines: MSHA Request for Comment on Information Collection Request Extension

Attached below is an MSHA notice that will be published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, January 31 requesting public comments on a planned extension of the Information Collection Request (ICR) for Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines.  Under the Paperwork Reduction Act, MSHA may not solicit information from ten or more private sector entities without approval from the Office of Management and Budget.  Such approval may not last longer than three years prior to being renewed. 

In the notice, the agency explains that, 

The Mine Safety and Health Administration is soliciting comments concerning the proposed extension of an existing information collection, OMB Control Number 1219- 0146, Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines

The agency further explained that,

The Mine Safety and Health Administration is responsible for the approval of refuge alternatives. The information collection requirements are intended to help protect miners by assuring that mine operators properly supply and maintain refuge alternatives, and in the event of an emergency, that miners will know when and where to seek refuge, that the immediate area of the refuge is secure from roof failure, and that maps are current and can be used by mine rescue teams to locate the sheltered miners.

Comments are due to the agency in 60 days.


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