January 25, 2012

NIOSH Workshop Provides Practical Guidance on Preventing Coal Dust Explosions

Researchers at NIOSH’s Office of Mine Safety and Health Research discussed the importance of MSHA’s new 80% Incombustible Content standard for neutralizing coal dust. The Workshop which took place at NIOSH/OMSHR’s Bruceton research facility outside Pittsburgh was also webcast to ensure that as many interested persons as possible were able to see the presentations and ask questions.

Of particular note, the Workshop discussed use of the Coal Dust Explosivity Meter (CDEM) which provides a simply, easy to use and fast method of determining whether the sampled section of the mine is adequately rock dusted.  Rather than providing a detailed analysis of the coal/rock dust mixture in the sample, it provides a practial green/red indication of whether there is an unacceptable hazard of a coal dust explosion that needs to be redressed.

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