December 27, 2011

SEC Mine Safety Disclosure Rule

Attached below is an advance copy of the Security and Exchange Commission’s Final Rule on corporate disclosure requierments for mine safety.  The disclosure requirements apply only to US mines.

As the SEC summarized,

We are adopting amendments to our rules to implement Section 1503 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Section 1503(a) of the Act requires issuers that are operators, or that have a subsidiary that is an operator, of a coal or other mine to disclose in their periodic reports filed with the Commission information regarding specified health and safety violations, orders and citations, related assessments and legal actions, and mining-related fatalities.

The SEC also explained that,

The final rules require disclosure on a mine-by-mine basis. We continue to believe that the disclosure of the information on a mine-by-mine basis accords with the plain language of the Act. We understand the concern raised by commentators about groupings of mines that may more logically be reported together but for having separate MSHA mine identification numbers.


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