April 15, 2011

Joe Main Statement before Senate Labor Committee

In a statement to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Assistant Secretary of Labor Main concluded that,

Going forward, it comes down to this: MSHA cannot be at every mining operation every shift of every day. There could never be enough resources to do that, but even if there were, the law places the obligation of maintaining a safe and healthful workplace squarely on the operator’s shoulders. Improved mine safety and health is a result of operators fully living up to their responsibilities. Taking more ownership means finding and fixing problems and violations of the laws and rules before MSHA finds them — or more importantly — before a miner becomes ill, is injured or is killed. Mines all across this country operate every day while adhering to sound health and safety programs. There is no reason that every mine cannot do the same.

Attached below is the Assistant Secretary’s complete statement.


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