OIRA 2.0: A Reality?

November 6, 2020  CRE publishes three options for managing the administrative state, # 2 is a proactive role for OIRA.

January 20, 2021 President Biden issues his Modernization Executive Order and directs OMB to report on a possible proactive role for OIRA

January 24, 2021  CRE publishes a Critique of the issues the Biden Administration should address when implementing its regulatory agenda; a proactive role for OIRA is the first one on the list.

January 27, 2021  CRE, upon reviewing a number of articles and press accounts dealing with significant issues addressed in the Modernization Executive Order, publishes a post that states that a possible proactive role for OIRA could probably dwarf the significance of any assaults on benefit-cost analyses, virtually the sole subject of the aforementioned articles.

February 5, 2021  Notice and Comment, a publication of Yale Law and the ABA, publishes the aforementioned CRE Critique of January 24, 2021

February 8, 2021  A NGO offers its views on the Presidents’ “regulatory  superweapon”, a proactive OIRA.


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