Agritech firms must work together to overcome innovative challenges of the future, experts say

From: The Jerusalem Post


Tackling the challenges of the ever-evolving agricultural technology field will  require companies large and small, as well as regulators, to work in  collaboration, experts agreed at a conference on Monday.

“A lot of  drivers force us to change – climate change, growing population,” said Oded  Distel, director of Israel NewTech.

“For all those good reasons, we must  change and do things differently from the ways we used to.”

Distel was  addressing participants in the third AgriVest Conference, during which panelists  focused on agricultural technology and investment needs for the future, placing  a particular emphasis on the sector’s rapidly changing environment and resultant  needs for cooperative advancement. Such progress can pose a variety of  impediments due to escalating costs, patent ambiguities and increasing demands,  but behooves stakeholders to think collaboratively, experts agreed.

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