ASABE seeking comments for NH3 safety standard

From: AG Professional

From: Agricultural Retailers Association

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) is seeking comments on draft standards for anhydrous ammonia application equipment safety. Download the draft, comment form and instructions here:

Working with the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association, Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Agricultural Retailers Association, ASABE is encouraging stakeholders to review and comment on the standards document.

The agricultural engineering standards body is particularly interested in comments from retailers related to practicality, best practices, potentially omitted content, corrections and/or any additional concerns. Comments will be accepted until February 28.

New technology and changes in application practices necessitated modification of the existing standards. The new standards will limit potential hazards and prevent accidents by clarifying practices regarding hose length, tandem tanks, hitches and other issues.

The draft standards, developed with input from equipment manufacturers, dealers and applicators, covers implements of husbandry, as well as tanks, wagons, toolbars, hitches, hoses and personal protective equipment.

The document is focused on operator and service personnel safety, best practices and owner/operator manual requirements. The standard does not cover on-site storage or over-the-road semi-truck tanks.

You can provide a user perspective on the standards by submitting your comments to ASABE here:

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