Communication guidelines regarding fertilizer facility explosion

From: AgProfessional/Agricultural Retailers Association

The Agricultural Retailers Association and The Fertilizer Institute have been working together closely on a coordinated media response to the incident at the Texas fertilizer facility yesterday evening. Below are talking points, facts and crisis communications guidelines that may be helpful to ag retailers that may need to respond to media inquiries in their local areas.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when responding to a crisis like this.

  • Identify one good spokesperson in your company to respond to media inquiries regarding this incident.
  • First – Show Compassion for the victims of the incident in Texas.
  • Know and Practice Key Messages
  • Be transparent and open about the extensive safety training and regulatory requirments that you conduct at your facility.
  • If necessary, ask for time to gather more information and schedule a time to visit with the reporter.
  • Communicate the core values/ beliefs of your organization, especially concerning safety.
  • Stick to only the known facts and never speculate.

Fertilizer Talking Points and Facts

Crisis Communications Guidelines for Responding to Press Inquiries


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