Latest products and equipment for farm inputs on display at the Nebraska Agri-Business Exposition on Jan. 28-29 in Omaha

From: Midwest Producer

OMAHA, Neb. – Over 500 booths of the latest in agricultural input supplies and equipment will be on display at the 57th annual Nebraska Agri-Business Exposition, Jan. 28-29, at the CenturyLink Center Omaha. The Nebraska Agri-Business Association represents local agricultural input cooperative and independent retailers who sell fertilizer, chemicals, seed, feed, petroleum products and other supplies and services to Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. Also included in the Association are suppliers of equipment, soil testing services, and manufacturers and distributors of chemicals, fertilizers and other input supplies.

Upcoming Precision Ag Summit to discuss latest technology

From: AgWeek

Automation and precision tools are everywhere in our society, from fishing to farming, especially the latter.
By: J.W. Schroeder, Agweek

Automation and precision tools are everywhere in our society, from fishing to farming, especially the latter.

The advances in agriculture, including dairying, are amazing. Technologies available in the U.S. that are becoming commonplace include automated calf feeders, total mixed ration mixers that deliver feed in the barn, cow prep equipment, cow brushes, feed pushers, alley scrapers, climate-control options, and feed and forage analysis; robotic milking systems; a teat cup that automatically post-dips every cow before takeoff; and various individual cow monitors for activity, rumination, temperature and feeding behavior.

The fight for technology in agriculture rolls on

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American Farm Bureau

SAN ANTONIO – Although technology has enabled farmers and ranchers to keep up with the demands of a growing world, it is increasingly under attack by consumers. According to Dr. Jayson Lusk, regent’s professor for the department of agriculture economics at Oklahoma State University, the biggest obstacle that agricultural technology must overcome is educating consumers about how it’s used. Lusk spoke to farmers and ranchers about how they can reach those  consumers at a conference sponsored by Dow AgroSciences at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 95th Annual Convention.

ASABE seeking comments for NH3 safety standard

From: AG Professional

From: Agricultural Retailers Association

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) is seeking comments on draft standards for anhydrous ammonia application equipment safety. Download the draft, comment form and instructions here:

Working with the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association, Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Agricultural Retailers Association, ASABE is encouraging stakeholders to review and comment on the standards document.

The agricultural engineering standards body is particularly interested in comments from retailers related to practicality, best practices, potentially omitted content, corrections and/or any additional concerns. Comments will be accepted until February 28.

Agricultural Retailers Association Policy Outlook For 2014

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Thanks in part to a government shutdown earlier this year, Congress seems motivated to do something — as evidenced by a recent budget deal and extension of the Farm Bill. Yet, important regulatory and legislative challenges remain for agricultural retailers.

West Fertilizer Response

The regulatory fallout from the accident at West Fertilizer plant will continue to dominate public policy efforts for the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA). The retail industry’s response to the accident in West, TX, continues to develop and evolve.