West Central launches in-furrow technology initiative

From: Delta Farm Press

In partnership with BASF Corporation, FMC and Nufarm, West Central is helping the agriculture industry further understand the benefits of an in-furrow application that includes: a total program of crop nutrients, plant health products, fertilizer-compatible insecticides and customized seed treatments to get seeds off to the best start and help growers maximize yields.

Increased productivity is the lifeblood of agriculture and ongoing innovations are instrumental to this end.

Furthermore, each planting season is unique in its own way, and thus planting practices that provide consistently strong seedling emergence and vigor are critical for optimizing seedling growth efficiency.

AgriRover brings Mars rover technology to the farm

From: gizmag


The AgriRover on patrol in a paddock

The AgriRover on patrol in a paddock

We tend to think of livestock farmers as “one man and his dog,” but if AgResearch of New Zealand has anything to say, that pair may have to move over to include a robot. A team led by Dr. Andrew Manderson is developing AgriRover, an agricultural robot inspired by NASA’s Mars rovers. It’s a proof-of-concept prototype designed to show how robots can make life easier and more productive for livestock farmers.

The basic idea behind AgriRover is precision agriculture. That is, instead of using conventional methods of tending to entire fields at one time, the farmer uses robotics and other technologies to deal with problems on a much smaller scale.

ARA names new communications and marketing director

From: Agricultural Retailers Association 

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) announced that Brian Reuwee has been hired as director of communications and marketing for the organization.

Reuwee is in the process of relocating to Washington, D.C., from St. Louis, and will join the ARA staff Nov. 18. He will also be participating in ARA’s upcoming annual conference Dec. 3-5 in Doral, Fla.

As director of communications and marketing, Reuwee will be responsible for all of ARA’s publications, media relations, website, marketing materials and associated issues. He will lead ARA’s industry image enhancement efforts and support the communications aspects of ARA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of agricultural retailers.

Farm machinery prices: Taking a breather for 2014

From: Farm Industry News

Farm equipment manufacturers report strong sales heading into the fourth quarter of 2013. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ latest report (issued in August), U.S. unit retail sales showed double-digit growth in most categories of equipment, as high crop prices and tax incentives gave farmers two big reasons for spending. Tractor sales were up 13% and combine sales up 27% year-to-date compared to the same period in 2012.

ARA, ag industry urges EPA-USDA to hold pollinator summit

Editor’s Note:  The following was posted on CRE’s Review of Bee Health Decline forum.

From: AgProfessional/Agricultural Retailers Association 

Last week, ARA joined a coalition of agricultural organizations in a letter to EPA and USDA urging the agencies fulfill a request from the American Honey Producers Association asking USDA-ARS to host a Varroa Mite Summit.

The Oct. 23 letter stated, “While it is understood that USDA is charged with the responsibility of bee health research, it is also recognized that EPA is charged with review and registration of pesticides. Few products are registered for control of varroa mite in bee hives. The chemical control of the varroa mite has limited success due partly to the development of varroa populations resistant to the registered products.”