Benefits of Kratom Are More Legitimate Than the Fears

The NY Times released an article titled, “Benefits of Kratom are More Legitimate than the Fears.” The article reads in part as follows;

“People suffering from chronic pain are having difficulty getting effective treatment, in part because of doctors’ legitimate fears about prescribing opiates. These fears stem from a recognition that millions of people are suffering from prescription opiate and heroin addictions.

Kratom has quietly become an alternative treatment for pain and opiate addiction and our own qualitativestudy of people who use kratom suggests that, with few harmful side effects, people are successfully using the plant to get off of opiates and to effectively treat their pain.

While kratom does itself have some potential for abuse, we have no solid scientific data to link kratom to serious adverse effects.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    kratom is a good product for paying killer and stress reliever it is good to supplement for a mood booster if we use it in a specific quantity for more detail click

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