The Obama administration is cutting funds for a major ‘clean coal’ project

From: The Washington Post

It was a glittering gem for “Clean Coal” proponents — a coal plant that, advocates said, would have “near-zero emissions” thanks to a plan to capture carbon dioxide and inject it deep beneath the ground. Environmental groups like the Sierra Club scoffed, calling it a “boondoggle” and proceeding to sue.


FutureGen 2.0 consisted of upgrading an older coal plant located along the Illinois river in the center of the state, and equipping it with so-called “oxy-combustion” technology to aid in the capture of carbon dioxide after burning by separating it from other byproducts. These would then be piped away to be stored underground 30 miles away. The DOE had previously called it a “groundbreaking project” that would “help pave the way for other cleaner and more sustainable advanced coal-burning power plants.”

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