Lawsuit Jeopardises Biggest US Carbon Capture Initiative


A US$1.65 billion carbon capture project in the US in under threat from a lawsuit launched by one of America’s oldest environmental groups.

Illinois’s FutureGen project – the first large-scale carbon capture facility to be built in the United States, is facing a lawsuit from environmental group the Sierra Club just a week after the start of construction.

While ostensibly a natural ally to such an ambitious carbon capture project, the Sierra Club claims that revival of the Meredosia plant, which was shut in 2011 due to lack of profitability, will release thousands of tons of air pollutants each year that are harmful to both the environment and health of human residents.

The environmental group is now attempting to thwart FutureGen with a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the permit issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in relation to the air discharges of the project.

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