Prentice dismisses carbon capture as ‘science experiment’|video

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From: Calgary Herald

By James Wood, Calgary Herald

The Alberta government has been “off its game” for years when it comes to climate change policy, Tory leadership candidate Jim Prentice said Wednesday as he dismissed carbon capture and storage as a science experiment and called for a beefed-up environment department.

On Tuesday, auditor general Merwan Saher issued a scathing report that found under Alberta’s climate change plan, the government is missing its greenhouse gas reduction targets, hasn’t regularly monitored the plan’s results and has yet to publish a single document on its outcomes.

Saher’s report noted that carbon capture and storage projects – a centrepiece of former premier Ed Stelmach’s plan unveiled in 2008 – are anticipated to contribute only 10 per cent of the reductions originally expected of them, despite more than $1 billion committed by the province.

In a meeting with the Herald editorial board, Prentice – a former federal environment minister – suggested there would be no future dollars forthcoming for carbon capture and storage (CCS) if he becomes premier after September’s vote of Progressive Conservative party members.

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