CRE calling for a “war by coal”

From: FierceEnergy


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule for new coal plants has been called a “war on coal” because it will require the installation of costly, unproven carbon capture and sequestration — technology which many utilities can neither afford nor implement — resulting in a ban on the construction of new coal plants, according to the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE). CRE is calling for a change from a “war on coal” to a “war by coal” in which the coal industry exercises its legal rights.

According to CRE, a panel of EPA administrative law judges have just recently concluded that the installation of the CCS technology will be overly costly. EPA’s proposed rule for new plants pre-dates this decision, thereby opening the door for the coal industry to act immediately to seek a remedy, according to CRE.

To this end, CRE has advised utilities, trade associations, law firms and lobbyists working on this matter that if EPA complied with the Data Quality Act (DQA) in a manner previously noted by the EPA Inspector General on a related issue — that the issue regarding the commercial availability of the CCS technology would be reviewed by an impartial panel of experts not affiliated with EPA and with input from the public and stakeholders.

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