Australian Government Cuts Funding for CCS

From: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

By Sara Phillips

Expectations for the Coalition’s first budget were not high amongst environmental interest groups. Despite an election commitment to action on climate change and threatened species, there was a suspicion that the government might wriggle out of its promises. As the budget grew closer, and the government reiterated what a tough budget it was likely to be, those suspicions only grew.

When the budget was handed down last night environment groups were united in damning it. Among the cuts were the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the National Water Commission, Carbon Capture and Storage funding, Landcare funding, CSIRO funding and alternative fuels funding.

More than $2.5 billion was assigned to the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund — the pool of money funding the government’s Direct Action policy on climate change. And funding for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) has been reinstated, after being cut by the previous Labor government.


Minerals Council of Australia: “The Budget also includes a $460 million reduction in Commonwealth investment in low emissions coal technologies, including Carbon Capture and Storage….

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